Excision B2B Illenium at Lost Lands & New Collaboration

The massive bass music festival, Lost Lands, happened this past weekend. Many memories were made and so much new music was premiered. One of the biggest, most anticipated sets was Excision B2B Illenium. During this set, the two bass music giants premiered a brand new tune they have in the works.

This collab is exactly what you would expect it to sound like. There’s dreamy, uplifting vocals that draw elements from rock music. We’ve heard this meshing of genres from other artists in the EDM world. The first drop showcases the melodic side of dubstep and most likely, Illenium’s part of the collaboration. After that, Excision comes in with a dirty, gritty drop to melt faces. Ever since releasing their track ‘Gold (Stupid Love)‘, fans of the two artists have been waiting for more.

There’s no release date or official title yet, but hopefully we know soon. In the meantime, you can check out the video of Excision B2B Illenium dropping this massive ID at Lost Lands here.