Gareth Emery – Laserface 02 (Thoughts in Pieces)

Just before Laserface‘s European debut at Amnesia Ibiza earlier this month, Gareth Emery teased fans with ‘Laserface 01 (Aperture)‘. With the next edition of Laserface (a Halloween special!) announced at the iconic Armory in Minneapolis for October 26, Emery has teased fans with another new single: ‘Laserface 02 (Thoughts in Pieces)‘.

Laserface's European Debut at Amnesia Ibiza
Laserface’s European Debut at Amnesia Ibiza

The second track of his ‘Laserface’ series, ‘Laserface 02 (Thoughts in Pieces)’ is yet another enchanting tune that will, together with the laser effects, create audiovisual magic at his stadium shows. Built on heavy beats, soaring tunes and reciprocal synth plucks that “disperse like the kaleidoscopic lasers piercing the dark,” the new single will definitely become a crowd favorite.

Alongside the track release, Emery also shared a little story about how the track came to be:

Check out the full track of ‘Laserface 02 (Thoughts in Pieces)’ below!

Gareth Emery – Laserface 02 (Thoughts in Pieces)