Moon Boots Releases Soulful Second Album, Bimini Road

Bimini Road dropped on September 6th, marking the second album for Brooklyn based DJ, Moon Boots. The album released under the Anjunadeep label, but breaks away from the label’s typical deep and progressive house style. Even through the sound diverges from the label’s standard, it stays in line with Moon Boots’ sound. The album is the predecessor of First Landing and contains similar characteristics such as funk, jazz and house beats.

The unexpected style of Bimini Road provides listeners with a soulful experience. Vocal collaborations with artists such as Nic Hanson, Kaleena Zanders, and Little Boots help bring heart to the album and provide an escape from reality while listening. The throwback sounds and unique combination of styles keep the album from being classified as one particular genre. Could Bimini Road be the return of groove music? The Bimini Road tour kicks off soon in San Francisco at Mezzanine on September 27th. Follow the link here for the full tour schedule and available tickets.