The Bloody Beetroots & Zhu – Zoning

The Bloody Beetroots has been hard at work all year long. Coming off of the fresh collab ‘FKIN FACE‘ with Dr. Fresch and then the banger, ‘Run‘ with Shockone, the masked musician is back with one more release. This time he has joined up with the enthralling Zhu on, ‘Zoning‘.

This is the first time that both producers have made a song together and wow does this one put you into a blissful zone of music. Zhu’s lush, falsetto vocals are really something else – engulfing listeners into a dreamy state. The synergy between both of their styles is impeccable. Mixing in Bloody Beetroot’s pulsing, electro guitar riffs and we have a mystical concoction of sound. Warping through the darkened soundscape, their musical influences mesh seamlessly in this psychedelic heavy rollercoaster.

Here’s what Rifo otherwise known as The Bloody Beetroots had to say:

“Working with ZHU was a rather mysterious experience that led us to write a song that brought together our different musical influences. It was definitely a journey.”

Check out the captivating new tune, ‘Zoning’ below and enjoy!