There’s no question, everyone loves a nice booty! We’ve recently discovered that Flume is no stranger to appreciating and showing some love for his rumored girlfriend’s butt, but we often forget that “booty” also means treasure. Well, guess what: we’ve got more booty for you.

Although we’re positive he treasures his lady’s behind, the Australian record producer has surprised us once again, by dropping one of the greatest treasures of all: a brand new all-house mini mix!

Recently, the 5:47 mini mix was premiered on Annie Mac‘s show on BBC Radio 1. Since the short mix dropped, it’s been receiving nothing but positive feedback as Flume stepped out of his comfort zone to explore more of his house and techno side.

Trust us, you’ll definitely want to check this out! You can listen to Flume’s very special ‘Hi, This Is 4/4‘ mini mix here. Although the mix goes by quickly, Flume gives his fans a different perspective into his musical abilities. It’s a treat!