Each week, it seems that a new leak is unearthed regarding the upcoming Pixel 4. So far, we have a comfortable grasp on what the fourth generation phone will look like externally. Now, with a new leaked video promo for the device, we have an idea about some of its key features. Tech site ProAndroid, first reported on the promo video for the Pixel 4. The video itself looks professionally made and shows off a white Pixel 4. At only a minute long, the video showcases new gesture controls, camera features, and an improved Google Assistant.

Many Pixel fans are concerned over the camera related updates as Google takes pride in their top level photo-taking technology. Generally, it is Google’s software that makes Pixel photographs and video so crisp and clear, not the camera itself. The promo video briefly showed the phone’s ability to capture photos in the dark, along with crisp shots of the stars. The rear of the device did have a square camera bump, similar to rumors surrounding the soon to be announce iPhone 11.

Lastly, the leaked video advertised a new and improved Google Assistant. In the video, one was able to navigate and find specific photos on their device and even share them with friends, all with one’s voice. While some users refrain from using virtual assistants like Google Assistant and Siri, there’s no question that they are becoming smarter and more reliable for daily tasks.

The short video ends without any details of a release date or price, which seems odd. We expect to hear official news from Google on the device in fall, most likely around October. However, it may arrive sooner seeing that so many details have already leaked.

Take a look at the Pixel 4 promo video below: