“The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page” Is Looking For A Buyer

One of the largest Facebook group pages for Techno memes is now for sale. The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page has a following of approximately 90,000 users.

When the admins were asked about the reason for selling their successful page, they replied:

“Basically, the page has become massive. We’ve created a brand of nearly 100k and it’s becoming too big to manage. There’s a lot of potential for it if there’s somebody who has the resources to make it a commercial product, and if the price is right.”

In fact, the administrators are already taking offers.

This Facebook group page has an impressive engagement rate (likes and views on posts), alongside its many followers. For the right buyer, this sale is a massive opportunity to expand the page.

“The Worst Techno Memes Ever” grew from users submitting “horrible” or cheesy Techno memes as a joke. Eventually, some of the “horrible” memes were actually considered to be hilarious. In my opinion, as long as memes make you laugh or present a message one can relate to, they will be well-received.

Thanks to 2019, memes have grown into a huge component in our internet and social media use. Meme pages such as this provide audiences the opportunity to discuss niche topics of their choosing. For many closed groups on Facebook, a user must first request to join. On “The Worst Techno Memes Ever Group Page”, one must answer a series of questions and have them approved.