As we inch closer to the Pixel 4’s launch day, we’ve already started to see . some leaked pictures of the device. Google has confirmed that the phone was going to integrate face unlock and Motion Sense as well. But despite all the leaked material, until today, we could not get that on hand feel. Thanks to this video provided by Halo Mobile on Facebook, we know the final design.

The video does not show if the model is the Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL. It has a continuous design, maintaining its top bezel and premium materials. It also offers nice glass and a large square camera cluster on the back. The volume and power buttons are placed on the right side while the SIM card slot is on the left. The device is also equipped with a USB-C connection and dual speakers on the bottom.

This Pixel 4 is not a huge innovation if we’re talking design— at least in the front. While other companies try to bring new options as pop up cameras or ‘on-screen’ cameras, Google remains classic but functional.

No notch No punch hole.Kumpul duit now or tukar model ?

Posted by Halo Mobile on Thursday, September 5, 2019