Diplo Becomes First To DJ Atop Sydney Harbour Bridge

Diplo is one of the most well-known figures in EDM, with a busy schedule and full hand of side projects. Recently, he made history in Australia by being the first DJ to play on top of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. He was invited to celebrate the 21st anniversary of BridgeClimb, an organization that allows tourists to climb up the bridge and experience it firsthand. Since they were established in 1998, BridgeClimb has welcomed almost 4 million local and international visitors.

Diplo played for a group of climbers at sunset while 440 ft off the ground. Additionally, he rocks a special suit that BridgeClimb customized for him. Diplo joked on Instagram, saying, “Management thought it would be a good idea right after I landed to DJ on top of Sydney Harbour Bridge.” This was a very special moment for BridgeClimb as well as all the visitors that had trekked up the brdige during sunset.

Check out videos and photos from the event below: