Armin Van Buuren – High On Your Love ft James Newman

We’re back with some new music from the trance music legend, Armin Van Buuren, yet again. This time it’s a new release called ‘High On Your Love‘. If you loved all the other tracks released in past weeks under the BALANCE album, you’ll love this one too. ‘High On Your Love’ is the newest entry released from the album.

Armin Van Burren – Balance 7th Studio Album

Armin Van Buuren has kept his promise with the forthcoming album by continuing to release one track every week. Balance is his 7th studio album, and we cannot wait for the entire album to be released on October 25th. The track has some meaningful and melodic vocals by James Newman.

The new track by Armin is a mixture of trance and pop vibes, intermixing sounds to make a unique melody you likely haven’t heard before. The track is really catchy as it is really appealing to the mind and soul. It is a gem of its own kind as it uplifts listeners time and again.

You can listen to the track right below. Leave us your thoughts in the comments!

Armin Van Buuren – High On Your Love ft James Newman