We all have our own opinions on up-and-coming artists that we think deserve more recognition. Caroline Cecil, better known by her stage name WHIPPED CREAM, is one of those artists on our list. The Vancouver Island-based DJ has continuously proven why she is a force to be reckoned with since she first stepped on the scene.

Recently, the talented musician has gotten one of the biggest opportunities of her career to date. She’s been featured on the brand new iPhone commercial. That’s right, ravers—it was not your imagination! If you believed you heard WHIPPED CREAM’s voice featured on the 38-second clip, you were right.

The new commercial by Apple demonstrates the benefits of the new triple-camera system found in the newly announced iPhone 11 Pro. Apple made things a little more interesting by showing a photoshoot with a dog in a sci-fi-style wind tunnel.  It’s super adorable – check it out below!

If the undeniable cuteness isn’t enough to grab your attention, WHIPPED CREAMS’ special touch certainly will. You can listen to her energetic sample pack ‘WHIPPED CREAM: Inside My Mind Sample Pack‘ on Splice.

We’d like to extend our sincerest congratulations to the ‘Bad For Me‘ artist. This is a huge accomplishment! We are so pleased to see WHIPPED CREAM getting the recognition she deserves and look forward to seeing what else the future holds for this rising star.