Dillon Francis & TV Noise Ft. Big Freedia – Bawdy

This week, American DJ/Producer Dillon Francis released his ‘Bawdy’ new track featuring EDM group TV Noise. The track takes us back to the old moombahton Francis’ days.

‘Bawdy’ is a track that features New Orleans’ musician Big Freedia in the vocals. An upbeat, dancehall track that will for sure rock the dancefloor every time it’s played.

Dillon Francis is known as a very versatile DJ
Recognized as one of the biggest and most versatile DJs today, Dillon Francis unleashes his new song Bawdy

Along with DJ/Producer Diplo, Dillon Francis is regarded as one of the biggest moombahton pioneers in the EDM industry. With tracks like ‘Get Low’ and ‘Que Que’, and collaborations with huge moombahton names such as ‘De La Ghetto’ and ‘Party Favor’, Dillon Francis is without a doubt a pioneer in the genre.

Without a doubt, Dillon Francis is one of the most versatile DJs in the industry. He has surfed a huge part of the EDM specter, always obtaining positive results and comments all around the industry. Now, after releasing ‘Bawdy’, he does nothing but add to his list of hits.

‘Bawdy’ is part of Dillon Francis’ new moombahton rebirth. With a huge Latin movement coming up, we will for sure be listening to many more of these tracks.

Listen to ‘Bawdy’ below