Celine Dion Debuts New Tracks from Album Co-Written with David Guetta

Canadian singer Celine Dion has debuted three new songs from her upcoming album Courage. It’s her first English-language album in six years. The 27th-studio album includes ‘Courage,’ ‘Imperfections,’ and ‘Lying Down,’ co-written by David Guetta, Sia, and Giorgio Tuinfort.

The trio of new tracks joins another previously performed song, ‘Flying On My Own,’ meaning fans have had the pleasure of hearing four tracks off the new album. Fans consider Courage to be an English “comeback” for the singer, who dropped the French-language album Encore un soir in 2016.

The inspirational and passionate tune ‘Lying Down’ features a subtle EDM beat brought by none other than David Guetta. With a few electronic waves among the orchestration, his influences are delicate. We’re sure Guetta co-wrote this piece with a remix in mind.

Back in April, Dion stated her inspiration for Courage stemmed from struggles that “we all go through in life,” like loss and illness.

“Life has given me the tools – my family, the way that I grew up, the way that I was raised, the way we all were raised in my family – to find my inner strength in a way,” said Dion. She has experienced grief firsthand after losing her husband and manager Rene Angelil to cancer in 2016.

With 66 stops, the North American portion of her Courage World Tour begins Wednesday in Quebec City and will finish off in Winnipeg in April. Courage drops November 15.