Devault Releases Lead Single from his Upcoming ‘Sapphire’ EP

American producer Devault just released his brand new track ‘Sapphire’. The American DJ/Producer known by his well-orchestrated sounds brings a new track that is not only magnificent and fresh but also offers an old-school vibe.

Born in County Orange, Sage Devault, better known by his last name, began producing music as a side hobby.  He gained recognition by remixing tracks by major music icons including Rihanna, Lorde, and even DJ Snake. As a result of his incredible remixes, he signed a deal with Insomniac Records. Certainly, the 21 years old Producer/Dj is one of the most fearless artists in today’s industry.

Devault’s newest track can only be defined as an engulfing experience, sure to swallow the listener. Crossing genres to create something between techno and a mesmerizing wave sound, Devault continues making his mark. The DJ/Producer declared:

I wanted to create something that pays homage to the music that got me so excited about electronic music in the first place. The new wave sounds of the ’80s, the French Touch, and the rave music of the 90’s all influenced this record.” 

Devault also released, a fascinating video that becomes the perfect accompaniment to his new song. The video is a huge throwback to older EDM videos. The video allows the viewer to go directly into the mind of Devault as he produces this track.

Watch Devault-Sapphire video below now.

Stream Devault – Sapphire below