Deadmau5 just announced that he’s releasing a new remix album titled ‘Here’s the Drop‘. Mark your calendars and save the date for October 4th as we see its release on mau5trap.

This album features remixes of material from his 2018 orchestral album ‘Where’s The Drop?‘. Remember it? It is a collaborative arrangement with musical director, Gregory Reveret. If you had the pleasure of attending one of the two sold-out nights at the Wiltern, you’ll know how esteemed this new one will be.

Pre-save the album here now as it features Morgan Page, Pig & Dan, Peekaboo and more of your favorite mau5trap artists. It includes 15 tracks that will take you on a cerebral journey of these revered tastemakers. Morgan Page brings us an ‘imaginary friends’ remix’ and Matt Lange takes on ‘superbia’. I don’t think we can wait for these reimagined offerings, but just so you are aware, here is the track list below.

  • 01. imaginary friends (ov) [Morgan Page Remix]
  • 02. luxuria (ov) [Tinlicker Remix]
  • 03. coelacanth (ov) [Gregory Reveret Remix]
  • 04. acedia (ov) [Rinzen Remix]
  • 05. avaritia (ov) [Seismal D Remix]
  • 06. monophobia (ov) [Sian Remix]
  • 07. gula (ov) [Pig&Dan Remix]
  • 08. invidia (ov) [No Mana Remix]
  • 09. unjaded (ov) [Mad Zach Remix]
  • 10. ira (ov) [Gallya Remix]
  • 11. fn pig (ov) [Spencer Brown Remix]
  • 12. hr 8938 cephei (ov) [Mr. Bill Remix]
  • 13. superbia (ov) [Matt Lange Remix]
  • 14. caritas (ov) [Dom Kane Remix]
  • 15. strobe (ov) [PEEKABOO Remix]

And as a special treat, here is Spencer Brown’s remix of ‘fn pig‘ below. Get a taste for what this album has to offer us. It is over nine minutes of straight progressive house bliss with a splash of Brown’s signature sound.

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