Butterflies EP – Boris Brejcha

On a week full of new releases, Boris Brejcha is having his share of the headlines with the newest releases under Ultra Music.

The german DJ just dropped a new EP named Butterflies previously announced on his Instagram stories and Facebook post earlier this week. The EP features three tracks  ButterfliesRedemption, and Sternengleiter , all with the signature sounds from Boris’ self-coined genre “High-Tech Minimal“. This big release comes only two weeks after his previous one ‘Happinezz‘ which was also one month after ‘Gravity‘.

After months of waiting, we finally have ‘Redemption‘. This ID was Boris’ amazing intro during most of his last shows including his DJ set at “Cercle” and Tomorrowland W2. All three new tracks have very recognizable Brejcha samples and style. The dark and powerful kicks make the best instrument for the dancefloor. While some sunnier melodies in ‘Butterflies’ are added to give us a perfect release for summer (or what’s left of it).

There is no doubt that Brejcha is having a very busy year. In the middle of his summer tour around Europe and the US, the DJ dropped five tracks after a long time away from new releases. He also headlined at Tomorrowland, made his BBC Radio 1 Essential Mix, and is apparently preparing for an upcoming album.

Brejcha still has 60 announced shows this year around Europe with some few ones left on his American schedule. That means around 15 per month, 1 every two days on average. Adding this up to the soon-released album, we can fairly say that the end of 2019 is going to be a busy one for the “High-Tech Minimal” DJ.