ASHE Releases Hypnotizing ‘Melancholia’ EP On Mau5trap

Returning to a familiar label, ASHE has found his ‘Melancholia‘ EP a home on deadmau5’s imprint Mau5trap. You might already be familiar with the connection, as he released a track titled ‘Komorebi‘ on Mau5trap’s ‘We Are Friends Vol. 8‘ compilation. With that, welcome his debut EP onto the label with the stunning release of ‘Melancholia’.

Preparing for the full release, the ‘Melancholia’ title track – featuring Léonie Gray – premiered a day ahead of the rest. The earlier release proved to be a highlight off the remainder of the three-track EP. Nonetheless, it did not take away from the what’s to come. Rather, it built a powerful lead into the rest of the release.

The title track introduces itself in a shroud of soothing, yet cloudy melancholy. Holding up to its name, the production then takes a more subtle sound with a heart-beat resembling kick. Throughout, Léonie’s vocals reverberate the warm atmosphere of the track alongside the alluring lyrics.

Upon release, ASHE noted;

From that point on, the EP itself begins to take a more abstract approach with a well-bodied sound. ‘Somebody Else‘ and the final track, ‘Whale Bones‘, transcribe ASHE’s more vibrant melodic talent. All in all, the ‘Melancholia’ EP provides a memorably unique melodic and cinematic soundscape.

Listen to ASHE’s ‘Melancholia’ EP, out via Mau5trap now, below!

ASHE – Melancholia EP