DT8 Project- ‘Carry On’/‘We Are Oxygen’

Darren Tate, also known as DT8 Project, makes his return to the Anjunabeats label after previously releasing ‘Cycles’. Prior to that, he released music under the name, Tate for Anjuna, releasing the track ‘Electrified’ with Diamond and Nicolai back in 2011. This week came the release of two new trance tracks, ‘Carry On’ and ‘We Are Oxygen’ with extended versions of each. These tracks bring a sound to the label which is reminiscent of Anjunabeats’ earlier years.  

Fans of Darren Tate and all of his many aliases might find that ‘Carry On’ sounds familiar. It is actually a remix of a track released in 2014. The original track is also titled ‘Carry On’ and was released under his alias name, Fish From Japan

Originally, ‘Carry On’ had a long introduction and the vocals did not start until the 1:40 mark. The remix brings a more upbeat style and starts vocals right away. They continue for the first 30 seconds of the song and then fade off for a brief musical interlude. The vocals come back until the track almost stops at the 2:15 mark. From here, ‘Carry On’ starts to build back up and then drops into a steady, uplifting beat which is sure to get people dancing. 

The second track, ‘We Are Oxygen’, starts with stronger, more energetic sounds than ‘Carry On’. This fast-paced track is focused on the beats and very few vocals exist throughout the track. Listeners will be taken on a journey through sound and greeted by the wisdom of physicist Steven Hawkings at the end of the track. 

To enjoy the exciting tracks released by DT8 Project click on the Spotify link below. 

DT8 Project- ‘Carry On’ and ‘We Are Oxygen’