Skrillex Spills on Upcoming Music in Video Interview

It’s been a year for 12th Planet‘s Swamplex Radio Show on Insomniac Radio. Skrillex and SVDDEN DEATH were the special guests for the 25th episode. In the short 5 minute phone interview with Skrillex, some details were shared about the upcoming music.

Although some music has been released, fans are still waiting on more from Skrillex. In in interview, he states that ‘bangers that will be out really soon’. By that, we can most likely expect it to be “Midnight Hour,” which was leaked a couple days prior. Skrillex tweeted that it was coming out next week. Additionally, the interview mentioned a story he’ll tell slowly [through songs] towards the end of the year to next year.

Skrillex and 12th Planet gets carried away on food talk after and ends the interview shortly. While we wait for the next release, you can listen to and watch the video for Malokero on repeat.

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