Mexico Judge Approves Recreational Cocaine Use For Two Individuals

This past Tuesday marks what many are calling a ‘historic step’ in Mexico’s ‘war on drugs’. Two people have been granted the right to legally use cocaine recreationally. Once reviewed and approved by a higher court, the unnamed individuals will reportedly be allowed to “possess, transport, and use cocaine”. Most importantly, the individuals will not be allowed to sell or distribute the product to anyone.

“These cases constitute a further step towards a new drug policy that allows us to build a safer, more just and peaceful Mexico”

Many are seeing this huge step, as the beginning of an end for the ‘war on drugs’ in Mexico. Numerous drugs, including cocaine, take countless lives every week in the country. This new tactic will in hope, provide “tension relief, the intensification of perceptions and the desire [to have] new personal and spiritual experiences”, according to judge Víctor Octavio Luna Escobedo.

In addition to the two individuals’ drug permission, it’s reported that a list of provisions followed. Per the Mexico Daily News, the judge limited their intake to 500 mg a day. Furthermore, they must not be working, driving, or using heavy machinery under the influence. Lastly, the cannot take drugs while around children or in public and must not encourage others to join them.

Again, this huge step is still awaiting a review and approval from a higher court. Nonetheless, it will be crucial to see if more grants like these, make a positive effect on the surrounding community.