Fedde Le Grand Celebrates 20 Years of Spinnin’ Records

20 Years of Spinnin’ Records With Fedde Le Grand

Spinnin’ Records is one of dance music’s biggest labels, and for good reason. They are known for being home to acts like Afrojack, Tiësto, & Don Diablo, as well as for being instrumental in the meteoric rise of Martin Garrix. In addition to this, they are the parent label of 31+ sub-labels including the likes of Musical Freedom Records (Tiësto), DOORN Records (Sander van Doorn) and Dharma Worldwide (KSHMR). Spinnin’ Records was created in 1999 and has seen monumental success since, and 2019 marks ‘20 Years of Spinnin’ Records‘.

To commemorate ‘20 Years of Spinnin’ Records‘, the label has started a series of videos in which they celebrate with their fans, and artists alike. They’ve chosen to give their artists a platform in the form of a ‘Spinnin’ 20 Years‘ playlist. This playlist can be found on Spotify, Apple Music, Deezer, and all other streaming services. The playlist will be curated by various Spinnin’ artists, for the fans. For more details on the specifics, we’ll let Spinnin’ tell you themselves:

“…we asked our DJs to share their Spinnin’ Stories, including a special playlist with their all time favorite Spinnin’ tracks”

The first edition featured the legendary, Sander van Doorn, and was released earlier this month. The second edition of ‘20 Years of Spinnin’ Records‘, is back with fan-favorite Fedde Le Grand.

Fedde Le Grand

In his episode, Fedde Le Grand speaks about how his first encounter with Spinnin’ was when he still bought vinyl. He states that he noticed how the vinyl was pressed, and how it made a difference. For example, Spinnin‘s vinyl was “a little thicker, [and] the sound was very loud”. To him, this is what helped them stand out from all the other labels.

He talks about how he started his own label because at the time, “no one wanted to sign his tracks”. He briefly touches on how ‘Put Your Hands Up For Detroit‘ was passed up by Spinnin‘, much to his dismay. It’s funny because in hindsight, this can easily be seen as one of, if not his breakout track. He continues on and touches upon how Spinnin’ signed ‘Let Me Think About It’, and the rest is history.

He finishes off the video with the following words:

“…this is a people business… I kind of want to see what’s behing the machine, behind the logo… I think the people behind Spinnin’ Records [are] one of the main reasons for me, why I’m still big”

He goes on to wish Spinnin’ Records a happy 20th birthday and congratulates them on the monumental milestone. If you’re a fan of dance music, I’m sure you can agree with these sentiments. The full video and link to the ‘20 Years of Spinnin’ Records‘ playlist can be found below, enjoy. Happy Birthday, Spinnin’ Records!


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