24 Drug Dealers Arrested at Tomorrowland Weekend One

Weekend 1 of Tomorrowland was full of music and fun for all attendees flocking to Boom, Belgium last weekend. However, for 24 drug dealers and 231 visitors that fun was cut short by authorities at Tomorrowland.

The first weekend of Tomorrowland had 24 drug dealers arrests according to a statement by the public prosecutor. In addition, 231 visitors were caught for possession and/or use of drugs.

The fine for the use of soft drugs was 75 euros and 150 euros for hard drugs. For those caught, drugs were seized, festival-goers wristbands were removed and they were taken off-site.

Police intercepted a total of 820 Ecstasy tablets, including 75 fake tablets. Among other drugs seized were 139 grams of cocaine, 198 grams of MDMA and 152 grams of ketamine. Uniquely, authorities discovered only 9 grams of cannabis.

Tomorrowland states on their website that the festival has a zero-tolerance drug policy.

Furthermore, authorities detained 48 people for other reasons. Forty-two people total tried to enter the festival grounds without a valid ticket.

It’s still too early to compare this year’s Tomorrowland numbers to those in the past, as Weekend 2 has just begun. According to local media, over the span of both 2018 Tomorrowland Weekends a total of 62 drug dealers were caught.