EDMTunes Chats with Velvet Code

Velvet Code (real name Marlon Wurmitzer) is a Canadian electropop artist, DJ and producer based in Toronto. As a songwriter and music producer, Velvet Code’s influences include Madonna, Freddie Mercury, Robyn and Muse. His music can be described as a modern take on 1980’s pop with heavy influences of electropop and EDM (electronic dance music), most notably the sub-genres of EDM known as trance and house music. Dreamer is Velvet Code’s second full-length studio album and it was recorded in Toronto, Canada with additional production in New York and Los Angeles. On Dreamer, Velvet Code collaborated with songwriter Wendy Starland (Lady Gaga), with production contributions from Gavin Bradley, Joe LaPorta (Sterling Sound NYC), Rob Bryton, Robi Banerji and Scott Kelly (Westlake Studios).

Watch the music video for Velvet Code’s “Mary Offered Ladybugs And Thank Yous” (AMG | SONY Music Entertainment), here:

The music video for your song is fabulous! What’s the meaning behind the title, “Mary Offered Ladybugs And Thank Yous”?

VELVET CODE: Thank you for that! There has been a lot of speculation around that! For me, it’s about taking my warriors on a dreamscape and hopefully helping them let go of their struggles in a different way. I want to start a revolution that centers around music and fashion. The world can be a troubled place, and in today’s political climate, more often than not people are struggling to get by. This song is meant to start a music and fashion revolution. My hope is that this song just takes people to a different place, a place where they can leave their minds and dance in a place of beautiful colors, marvelous fashion, and magical dreams. That is my happy place.

You have quite the list of collaborators to thank on this music video! What was filming like behind-the-scenes? Did you create the shots/scenes yourself, or did you follow the video director?

VELVET CODE: I had some very talented people working with me behind the scenes, some Juno Award winners, so it was the most professional video shoot I’ve ever been on! Everything was timed to down to the minute, but there were tons of room to let go, to just do me. But I’m also not really one who just sits back and follows anyone or anything [laughs]. I had my hand in the direction and concept, and most definitely in styling, creative direction and post edits. I am a producer at heart, so I hope my vision for this video resonates with the viewers.

Talk about some of the clothing fashions you feature in this video. Judging by this video and the photos on your socials, it seems fashion is important to you. What does fashion mean to you as an artist?

VELVET CODE: One of my favorite designers is Vivienne Westwood, and that’s where it started. I wanted to circle around the concept of “Revolution,”written on my red top in the chorus, because music and fashion together is the path to freedom and individuality. Everyone should feel free to be whomever they are in every moment of their lives. There is so much stigmatism around those who don’t conform to the norm, and I think it’s time that we stop judging people for the music they listen to and what they wear. We should all be allowed to let go in our own way and be ourselves. That’s the whole concept around my Gender-neutral clothing line “You Do You” which launched recently.

Where was this video shot? Did you encounter any difficulties/challenges in shooting this video?

VELVET CODE: The video was shot at Pie in the Sky Studios in Toronto Canada. The Director, Peter Lilly, was extremely accommodating, especially when we threw last minute ideas at him, and they looked great in the final edit. I’m grateful for him, the crew and the production team at Route Eleven for all their hard work and perseverance throughout the entire process.

You are active in the LGBT community and we hear that you’re in Manchester, UK, this weekend for their Pride weekend. It’s so cool to see Pride celebrations around the world! What message would you like to send to our readers in this context, or just in general?

VELVET CODE: Although I lived in London UK for 5 years, I’ve never been to Manchester before so I’m looking forward to it so much! It’s my 3rd Pride celebration this summer (Toronto Pride and World Pride in NYC), and I am more excited than I’ve ever been! I’ll be among my Velvet Warriors, my close friends from all over the UK, and all those beautiful people that I’ve never met. What I’m most excited about during Pride is seeing Years and Years perform live! Olly Alexander is a major influence in my artistry and in life, so it will be the most important part of this trip for me. So if I had a message to share, I’d say you do you, live your best life, and be freakin’ nice to each other!

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