Alison Wonderland Calls Off Shows for Mental Break

DJ’s often cancel shows for a variety of reasons, and now even more care is taken in the wake of Avicii’s unfortunate passing. Now, Alison Wonderland has just announced on Twitter that she has been forced to give herself a break by canceling the end of her European tour.

The “U Don’t Know” hit-maker explained that as a result of her busy touring schedule, she has been suffering from extreme mental and physical exhaustion. Consequently, her management and doctors had deemed it appropriate to take some time off to recover.

With a host of artists opening up about their struggle with mental health after the tragic losses of Avicii and Keith Flint of The Prodigy, this doesn’t come as much of a surprise. Given the grueling touring schedule of artists and DJs these days, it is absolutely a possibility to succumb at some point. It is also quite commendable that Alison has drawn that line. Her time off was endorsed by none other than Kaskade.

We could not agree more and are definitely going nowhere until she is back!