i_o Boots Up Latest Hack Unleashing His First Music Video For ‘Ghost In The Machine’

Following the release of his ‘House of God’ EP, I_O continues to infect the world with his virulent techno sounds. Taking the stage now is the Mau5trap label’s favorite glitch in the system, Garrett Lockhart (i_o). Today, i_o unleashes a new music video for his massive single, ‘Ghost In The Machine.’

Since 2017, Garrett Lockhart (aka i_o) has been on the rise, continuously delivering his hard-hitting techno grooves and harrowing melodies. Through the ‘Ghost In The Machine’ music video, i_o brings us deeper into the depths of his cyber realm. With directing and editing by Deadmau5 and Mau5trap’s content director Leah Sems, this video evokes the cruxes behind i_o’s brooding aesthetics. Venturing into i_o’s realm, a woman finds herself emerged into a room filled with neon signage, connecting to i_o. Symbolically, i_o is the ghost in the machine and she becomes one with him. The video displays elements of vaporwave meets cyberpunk hacker aesthetics that is as entertaining to watch as much as the song is as infectious to listen to.

“I’m super proud of the creativity that was delivered on a record that is very personal to me,” the producer tells Billboard Dance. “Amazing to see what Leah could do in a 10 hour shoot.”

i_o to Billboard Dance

With the release of this thrilling music video, i_o’s mission to hack the dancefloors doesn’t stop here. This upcoming Labor Day weekend, i_o will be playing the mainstage at Electric Zoo on Sunday, September 1. The mau5trap techno protege will also be direct support for deadmau5′ CUBEV3 tour in Dallas, Los Angeles, and at Red Rocks, with more dates TBA. Check his upcoming tour dates here.

WATCH ‘Ghost In The Machine’ Official Music Video

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