Deorro has dropped his new track in collaboration with MAKJ. “Retumba” revisits a few of Deorro´s most popular samples and combines it with the rhythm and energy that MAKJ uses for his own tracks.

“Retumba” has a smaller build up before the first drop, followed by a familiar sound we’d expect to hear from both artists after that. The structure of the song is not very complex, as you can find almost the same build up three times. The most innovative part is the second drop, when the track feels more like a Moombahton vibe and then moves back to its origins.

These two definitely know how to manage their ingredients to create bumping pieces that always work for big crowds. It’s also interesting to take note of the substantial change in the music style, considering Deorro´s last releases ‘All this time‘ and ‘Obvious‘, where the producer delivered more progressive, summer-oriented tunes.

Listen to the new track via Soundcloud below.

Deorro x MAKJ – Retumba