Deorro – ‘Obvious’

His fourth track of 2019, ‘Obvious‘ stands out from Deorro‘s usual style. This is a welcome attempt at widening his musical repertoire. Known for more upbeat singles such as ‘Five Hours‘ and ‘Bring it Back‘, some feared it might transgress from his signature genre.

This is not the case as ‘Obvious‘ offers a blend of silky melodies and transcendental vocals. It is not too deep nor too commercial, but a welcome respite in today’s future house scene. Deorro is not the only one experimenting with calmer or deeper features – e.g. Don Diablo‘s ‘Silence‘.

Some fans are calling for an instrumental version. For lyrics wise, ‘Obvious‘ is no particular stand out, despite a heartfelt interpretation. A lover’s pursuit and profession is the central theme.

The iTunes and Spotify release 4 days ago through Ultra Music was accompanied by a peculiar video. Soft imagery and expressionist frames give a dreamy feel to both clip and song. It shares a great deal with Coldplay‘s ‘Up and Up‘ video in theme and in visuals.

All in all, it might not rock the boat this summer, but this track will obviously feature on your midnight playlists or slow dance.

you can find the link to ‘Obvious’ Spotify
and the YouTube video is just as entrancing