[WATCH] Diplo Asked to Take Photo for Group Without Him In It

Most celebrities live a very different life compared to ourselves, dodging crazy fans whenever in public. For some, it’s near impossible to take part in normal activities like grocery shopping or dining without fans begging for a photo or autograph. This past Friday, Diplo had his own unique public experience while in Atlantic City, prior to performing at the Premiere Nightclub.

On Instagram, Diplo posted a video of himself taking a photo of three woman, who appear to not recognize him. To our surprise, and Diplo’s, the three women had no clue who he was and didn’t even ask for a photo with him. Either the woman didn’t know Diplo was in town for the night or were not familiar with the EDM scene. Regardless, the trio will likely be regretting that night for the rest of their lives.

“It’s ok though because I’m an experienced Instagram photographer and I knew the right angles.”

Diplo wrote, “These ladies must have had too much rosé and didn’t recognize how handsome I was because they asked me to take their picture in front of the club I’m headlining tonight.” Being the artist he is, Diplo did as they asked and took several photos for them. Even with the cowboy hat, we’d like to think more people would recognize Diplo, especially as the Friday night headliner. Still, it’s great to see Diplo being able to take part in everyday activities, unnoticed!

Take a look at the hilarious video below.