Best Sets Series: Martin Garrix

Martin Garrix Sets

Our newest series here at EDMTunes highlights some of the best live performances from artists around the world. These are the sets that made their career to what they are today.

Martin Garrix rise to fame began just six years ago. His release of ‘Animals’ became an instant classic and sparked his career. Over the last few years, his tracks and sets have only gotten bigger. No matter where he performs people flock to his stage to witness the #1 DJ in the world; an honor he has received three years in a row. Today we bring to you the best sets of Martin Garrix. These are the ones that will last a lifetime.

ULTRA Miami 2014

At the age of 18, his Ultra Miami 2014 set marked his first mainstage performance in the U.S. Here he premiered several massive tracks that we still love today. These tracks included collaborations with Dillion Francis, Hardwell, and Afrojack. ‘Tremor,’ ‘Gold Skies,’ and ‘Turn Up The Speakers’ are still staples in his live sets today. Finally, given the popularity of Ultra, the world got to see who this Martin Garrix kid was.

ULTRA Miami 2016

After leaving Spinnin’ Records to start his own record label, STMPD RCRDS, Martin Garrix’s live performances took on a different sound. Many think this set was the beginning of the Martin we hear today. With having the honor of closing our Friday night, he premiered his most streamed song to date ‘In The Name Of Love.’ He also showed off some music from his alias ‘Area21.’

Coachella 2017

Martin Garrix’s second time at Coachella was a grand one. He got a primetime slot at the Sahara stage where he more than lit up the crowd. This was a unique show because months after we actually got to see how hard it is to prepare through the Martin Garrix Show.

He brought out Dua Lipa to perform their hit ‘Scared To Be Lonely.’ Non-EDM festivals are usually a little harder to play but once again Martin showed why he is the best in the business.

Tomorrowland 2017

One of his most iconic intros ringed throughout Tomorrowland first. The crowd got sucked in and ‘Byte’ got the party started. This headlining set is Martin’s most viewed Tomorrowland set and for good reason. He premiered a ton of tracks including ‘So Far Away,’ ‘Burn out’ and ‘Pizza.’

EDC Las Vegas 2018

Martin finally got his firework time slot at EDC in 2018. He brought a much harder music selection to appease the carnival crowd too. With the fireworks as a backdrop, Garrix exclaimed to the crowd “Is this real life?” making us really wonder if it is. He accompanied the 10-minute show with a mashup of ‘Pizza’ and ‘You’ve Got The Love,’ and followed it up with classic ‘The Only Way Is Up.’ A bucket list set for many and one we hope to get again in the future.

Amsterdam Dance Event 2018

Garrix headlined Amsterdam Dance Event once again in 2018. This show took on a completely different style. He presented ANIMA: a nearly two-hour show that featured 300 Robe moving lights, breathtaking visuals on a 52-meter wide screen, and his iconic LED Plus sign. Because Martin never disappoints he even uploaded the set in 4K with 5.1 surround sound for everyone to watch. This live performance is one we all wish we could have been at.

Concluding Thoughts

Martin Garrix has shown over and over again why he has some of the best live performances in dance music. His sets have evolved over time to cater to almost every listener. Whether it be at a massive festival or a small club, you are guaranteed an amazing time. We’re not sure what Martin and his team have for us in store next. One thing we do know is it will be something for you to remember forever.