Turns out DJ Snakes ‘No Option’ Was Meant For Rihanna, And Not Burna Boy

Dj Snake Rihanna

The world of dance music is ever-changing, with artist constantly trying to reinvent themselves. We often see artists who are either trying to stay current or just playing it safe. Sitting at the top of the EDM world is DJ Snake, who actually does neither of these. William Grigahcine, better known as DJ Snake, recently took to Beats 1 Radio to open up about a lot of different things. Amongst those things, were his music, life, and a certain collaboration off of his Carte Blanche album.

The collaboration, in particular, is his collaboration with Burna Boy titled ‘No Option‘. In the interview, Snake reveals that Burna Boy was the first artist that he sent the track to. However, it is revealed that it was actually ‘earmarked’ for the pop queen Rihanna. It is wild to think that he turned down the “richest female musician in the industry“.

Given the reggae vibes of ‘No Option’, and Rihanna‘s unique voice, she would have been a good fit. With that being said, this isn’t the first time Rihanna gets left off a track. It is widely known her team also rejected the demo for The Chainsmokers smash hit ‘Don’t Let Me Down‘. Given the track, and her voice, I believe she would have been a great fit on this as well, sorry Daya.

In the Beats 1 Radio interview, it is revealed that DJ Snake wrote ‘No Option’ last year in Paris. It is also revealed that Rihanna had wanted the track since hearing it last year. He continues on that and he ended up using it for his own album instead. The reason is plain and simple is that ‘he fell in love with the record‘.

In the interview, he begins to elaborate more but then stops, because he doesn’t want Rihanna‘s fan base to attack him for saying the “wrong thing”. If you’ve ever seen the way Beyonce’s ‘beyhive’ goes after people, I’m sure you can understand where he’s coming from. At the end of it all, DJ Snake states that he ‘followed his heart, that’s it‘. As a fan, that’s really all we can ever ask for, so we get it.’

The rest of the interview briefly covers his quick ascent to stardom, his upbringing, and the fact that he is 100% sober. If you’re not a fan of DJ Snake, you might be after this. The interview is only 9 minutes and one second long, so you have no reason not to check it out. DJ Snake‘s ‘No Option’ featuring Burna Boy, as well as his Beats 1 Radio interview with Zane Lowe can be streamed below, enjoy.