Beatport Will Remove Songs That Have Never Sold

Since 2004, Beatport is the electronic music industry’s worldwide home for DJs, producers, and their fans. Reigning as the top online music store, millions of tracks from all sorts of artists fill Beatport’s massive song collection. Offering music in premium digital formats, The Beatport Store caters exclusive music discovery tools created by DJs, for DJs. With hundreds of songs added weekly, Beatport is clearly flourishing with an overabundance of released music. What would happen if Beatport started trimming down their collection?

Commencing later this year, Beatport will undergo a “yearly storage clean-up procedure” to streamline their collection of tracks that have never been sold. This cleanup will remove any track released before January 2019 that has not sold more than 1 copy since the original release date.

Jason Woholstadter from Proton Radio and shared a letter from Beatport earlier this week:

“The cleanup is only happening on Beatport, so tracks will *not* be removed from other platforms. However, TraxSource has a similar cleanup every 2 years. “

Jason Wohlstadter in his post from Proton Radio

Prevailing as the top digital source for music, Beatport is today’s choice for selling and purchasing tracks for artists and their fans. Earlier this year, Apple announced that it is phasing out iTunes, setting Beatport even higher as an industry standard. The electronic music industry is growing at an amplifying rate along with the number of tracks being released into the world. For labels and artists, perhaps not all of their tracks will remain on an everlasting archive of music online. Once upon a time ago, unsold CD’s and vinyls would end up in clearance bins outside of record stores.

H/T: DJ Tech Tools