Tiger Stripes Drops New EP on Drumcode – ‘Into Desolation’

Swedish DJ Mikael Nordgren, better known as Tiger Stripes, makes his return to Drumcode with a new EP, ‘Into Desolation‘. The five track EP is yet another huge release from Tiger Stripes on Drumcode, following up on 2018’s ‘Insanity’ EP.

Tiger Stripes is no stranger to the techno scene. Long heralded as one of the most authentic and original figures in the industry, its no wonder his tracks are a staple across the globe. His career has seen releases on some of the biggest labels, including Drumcode, Truesoul, Hot Creations, and Desolat. Nevertheless, its his strong connection with Adam Beyer and the Drumcode / Truesoul labels which really stands out.

What’s particularly impressive with ‘Into Desolation’ is Tiger Stripes’ ability to create 5 unique tracks, each with its own distinct sound. The EP kicks off with ‘Recluse‘, featuring a bassline you won’t forget and a set of exhilarating vocals. ‘Ignition‘ is another memorable track which you’ve definitely heard throughout the festival season this summer. However, the most mesmerizing track on this EP (in our opinion) goes to ‘Until The Early Light‘. The track features deep compression-heavy bass stabs and a soothing vocal backdrop.

Tiger Stripes had a chance to chat with EARMILK recently to discuss the inspiration for the track ‘Recluse’: “Recluse is about escaping reality, going to your favorite place. To leave the fuss behind, I go to my summer house, deep inside the Swedish woods. There by the lake, living like a Recluse for a few days, I set up a mini studio and finished the track.”

Without a doubt, the ‘Into Desolation’ EP is set to be a hit. Its safe to say we’ve certainly been enjoying the impact Tiger Stripes has had on Adam Beyer’s various labels. That begs the question, will we be seeing a collab between the two anytime soon?

Check out the EP below!