Fans Furious After Tomorrowland Reveals Week 1 Closing Act

It had seemed like the next worst kept secret in the EDM world. Swedish House Mafia had to close Tomorrowland for its 15th Anniversary right? I mean they have! They even said they would last year.

Tomorrowland played coy all the way through and subtly teased the performance as well. Doing a countdown of Tomorrowland Anthems which just so happened to finish on #1 with a Swedish House Mafia track. Then Tomorrowland released timetables which left 90 minute slots open at the close of Weekends 1 and 2.

Today, Tomorrowland filled in Weekend 1’s closing slot with 0 fanfare. In fact, the change was not announced at all. Fans who discovered the change were pissed. Instead of Swedish House Mafia, Weekend 1 will get KSHMR and then 3 Are Legend (DVLM and Steve Aoki) & Friends. Kolsch was then moved to slot in right before the closing set. As a result, fans are lighting up the comments in the Tomorrowland Facebook Group and Subreddit among other places.

Now Weekend 2 is still an open question. It’s worth remembering that throughout the year, the rumor has been that Swedish House Mafia would close Weekend 2 only. If SHM only closes Weekend 2, Weekend 1 attendees will certainly feel jilted. However, the rumor mill says that actually the trio was set to close both weekends and they canceled last minute. If that’s true it would infuriate the fans at Swedish House Mafia rather than Tomorrowland, and would be yet another line in major disappointments from the group this Summer. Only time will tell.