Bart Skils & Weska — Polarize EP

Bart Skils partners with emerging DJ/producer Weska for a two song collaboration. Titled ‘Polarize‘ and ‘Lost On You‘, here is another release on Drumcode.

The dynamic EP results from pairs of cuts that highlight Beyer’s shows. Anyone that attended Department Festival in Stockholm, Junction 2 or his killer B2B with Cirez D at EDC Vegas will know. We hope you’re ready, because the techno scene just got two new pieces.

Polarized‘ contains rugged bass lines that pack punches on your ears. Pin-sharp percussion follow, while stabs of melody interweave bringing a euphoric effect. ‘Lost On You’ is a heady trip into the abyss with a sinister vocal line and powerful climax. It’s dark, brooding vibe make this the perfect track to play with the lights down low. The Jim Morrison reminiscent vocals make this track that much more powerful.

The duo met in 2013 where Weska saw Bart play at Toronto’s iconic nightclub, Coda. They automatically connected in their music tastes and became friends. Since then, Skils has become one of the label’s most vital contributors. He’s released a consistent stream of stellar productions on the label. One of those includes the infamous classic with Adam Beyer, ‘Your Mind’. Weska’s rhythmically powerful productions caught the ear of Beyer as well. Now, is the young Canadian’s debut on the imprint. Take a listen to ‘Other Places’ on ‘A-Sides Vol.7’ that dropped last summer.

Weska migrated to Berlin where the collaboration plan hatched. The two swapped ideas back and forth and linked up in Amsterdam to finish their work. With sounds that captivate the underground techno and tech house scene, these two tracks will surely put you in a trance.

Take a listen now to their new collaboration below. Let the techno flow within you.

Bart Skils & Weska — Polarize | Buy/Stream