Everything You Need to Know for the Group Therapy Weekender [Event Preview]

With one week to go before the Group Therapy Weekender, buzz around the event is at an all time high. Fan-forums across the internet are going wild trying to figure out transportation logistics, camping accommodations, and of course which artists everyone is most excited to see. However, before we make the journey to the Gorge, we wanted to give you all an in-depth preview of what to expect from Above & Beyond’s inaugural Group Therapy Weekender.

With so much to wrap our heads around, let’s breakdown some of the most important things we need to get in order before making the journey to the pacific northwest.


Before we get to the fun stuff, you got to be prepared for what to expect while camping at the Gorge. First and foremost, make sure to have your camping gear ready to go. Just like any camping festival, “winging it” simply won’t cut it. Get your tents, sleeping bags, lights, portable cooking kits, and food supplies in order. If you’re getting in on Friday, make sure to get there early enough to get set up before the sun goes down. There are no light posts in the camping grounds so it becomes pitch black after the sun goes down.

As for food and water, bring lots of both. During this time of year, the Gorge is extremely hot; makes sense considering it’s in a desert. Make sure to stay hydrated all day long. Depending on how serious you are about cooking your own food out there, bring only easy-to-make foods like eggs, bacon, and sandwich foods.

One last thing about camping- bring some warm clothes for the night time. The temperature drops dramatically at night. You’ll soak in the sun all day, and then at night be shivering cold and end up getting sick; take it from me, I got very sick after ABGT 250 because I didn’t bring any warm clothes for the night time.

The Venue

Ah, the mighty Gorge Amphitheater. If you’ve never been there, you’re in for a wonderful treat. After hiking to the front gates of the Gorge, you enter an oasis you’d never expect to see in the desert. The grounds are covered in grass, with food and beverage vendors lined up all along the outside of the venue.

Once you get to the top of the hill, you’ll understand why the Gorge is so breathtaking. The view from the top is mind blowing. The canyon-like gorge that sits beautifully behind the stage is as unique of a backdrop as you’ll ever see. Since it’s the end of July, the days are longer which means the sights of the Gorge will be on full display for most of the day. Make sure to take lots of pictures. The sunset is also one of the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see.

The People

One thing that Anjunabeats is best known for is attracting some of the best crowds in dance music. The fans always come in full force, bringing with them good vibes and good attitudes. You’ll undoubtedly make new friends and create some lasting bonds.

The event will also have activities for everyone to enjoy. Whether you want to take a hike around the Gorge, or do some early morning yoga sessions, there will always be something to do. Not to mention the pregame camping that take place around the grounds. The vibes are always top notch with the Anjuna Family.

The Weekender Lineup

Now to the life of the party. The Group Therapy Weekender boasts one of the best lineups of the summer, showing off Anjuna’s best and brightest artists. Day one will play host to the Anjunabeats side of the label, while day two will showcase Anjunadeep’s best artists.

Day one is stacked from top to bottom. You’ll get to see Anjuna favorites like Andrew Bayer, GRUM, Gabriel & Dresden, and Jason Ross. Spencer Brown and ALPHA 9 will be doing a special b2b set, meanwhile a familiar face returns when Audien takes the stage. The day finishes off with Above & Beyond taking hold for two hours, followed by Ilan Bluestone closing out the day; a true testament to powerhouse Ilan has become.

Day two brings the groovy, down-tempo vibes from Anjunadeep. The day kicks off with Above & Beyond playing a special yoga set with Elena Brower. From there, you’ll see sets from Cubicolor, Ben Bohmer, Eli & Fur, and James Grant & Jody Wisternoff. The day finishes with Seattle’s own Luttrell followed by Yotto to close out the day. You can check out set times below. Plan wisely, friends.

With only a week left before the festivities begin, make sure to plan accordingly and pack properly. Get there early on Friday to enjoy some fun with the other attendees as well. To help give you a visual idea of what to expect, check out the ABGT 250 aftermovie below, recapping the last time Above & Beyond and Anjunabeats came to the Gorge.

The Group Therapy Weekender takes place next weekend, July 27th and 28th at the Gorge Amphitheater in George, Washington. See you all there.