Giuseppe Ottaviani’s New Album ‘Evolver’ Showcases What Trance Music Is All About

“Trance is music with a soul.”

Giuseppe Ottaviani has been one of the genre’s biggest standouts for some time.

The Black Hole Records producer has three albums under his belt so far: Go!, Magenta, and Alma. He has close to 60 productions total and over 55 remixes since the beginning of his career that began in 1999.

Today, we are able to finally hear his new stage album, ‘Evolver‘. Yes, you read that correctly. GO admits that none of the tracks were developed in a studio. In fact, all ideas were crafted on the road while on stage while performing or traveling. He then perfected and recorded his ideas in the studio. Check out the video below for some behind the scenes footage.

‘Evolver’ is a very unique take in the trance world. None of the tracks on the album are accompanied by vocals as well as no collaborations. In the past, GO has partnered with other producers such as Paul van Dyk, John O’Callaghan, Solarstone, and more.

On the legendary producer’s Facebook, he provides a look into the tracks or teasers that have been released so far. In all the posts, he explains what inspired him for each one. For example, GO felt so insanely passionate about his performance at Chicago’s top venue, Soundbar, that during his performance, he toyed around with the ideas right there on the spot.

Giuseppe explains that he was never actually going to release many of these IDs that he has included in live shows. But fans from all over the globe expressed on social media and in-person how badly they wanted these tracks in their hands. GO heard them loud and clear and started working. He even had fans vote on which tracks they wanted to be released once the tracklist was solidified.

‘Evolver’ is the album that trance fans need at this time. Many trance outsiders believe that this style of music is just uplifting repetitive beats. However, ‘Evolver’ delivers in many other ways.

In this album, the Italian producer explores trance but other subgenres like progressive and tech trance. They all provide the listeners with a chance to embark on a journey in their own minds. ‘Follow The White Rabbit‘ is a track that does just that. Another standout includes the opening record ‘Time Shift‘ which sets the tone for the adventure the audience is about to begin.

It’s easy to get caught up in GO’s fluid beats and melodies. As an avid trance listener, I caught myself wanting each single to never end. I was going back and replaying many of the songs because of the intricacies heard in each one. They all provide different beats to keep you on your toes. Hopefully one day soon, we might be able to hear the reasons for each track. Some of the names include ‘8k‘, ‘Raven”, ‘Operator‘, and ‘Have A Nice Trip‘.

Check out the beautifully produced album below and get ready for the journey.