Dillion Francis brings DJ Hanzel back for new Vlog

DJ Hanzel

Dillion Francis has had a number of personas over the years with DJ Hanzel being by far the most beloved by fans. Hanzel had been away for a while now (I blame Gerald) but now he is back.

Over the years DJ Hanzel had been among other things taking us all “Von Deepah” with various sets & festival appearances. Now however he back to take us all von deepah into his daily life in a new vlog. His daily routine goes something like this:

  • At 11:12am sharp, a rave car wash
  • Followed by daily practice of going von deepah
  • Finally a rave deprivation chamber for four hours

It’s always great to see Dillion express his comedic side via personas like DJ Hanzel and I high key hope this becomes a series. Because we all need to go von deepah in our lives.

Photo credits RUKES