One Deeper

Dillon Francis…world-renowned DJ or famous comedian? It’s hard to tell these days.

DJ Hanzel, Francis’ most famous of his collection of alter egos, released his new talk series today on TBS’s Youtube channel called “One Deeper Talks” where he interviews some of dance music’s most mainstream artists… and I can tell you now, it’s everything we dreamed it would be. Hanzel, with his horrible german accent and his brilliantly saucy attitude, roasts the sh*t out of every guest, which includes Calvin Harris, Alesso, Kaskade, What So Not, Jauz, Tokimonsta and Flosstradmus and no one walks away without a small bruise to their ego.

“Old Tweets With DJ Hanzel” is a reoccurring theme throughout the series and quite frankly, it’s genius.

One Deeper

Hanzel reads Jauz’s tweet so perfectly with his amazingly stupid accent that would leave even the most unamused watcher laughing. Hanzel then responds with so much sarcasm in just two short words, “Very jarring.”

In what may be the funniest episodes of all, Alesso is asked how he would describe his music in four words. He quickly comes up with ‘euphoric, Swedish, international and big room.’

“Wrong.” Hanzel mutters as he then proceeds to grab something from inside his desk and says, “I will now describe your music using a sound,” pushing an obnoxiously red button that produced uncomfortable siren noises. The series is filled with wacky moments, making it hilariously entertaining. But what else would you expect from Hanzel?

Watch the full episode below:

At the end of the day, it’s all fun and games between the undeniably successful artists. The whole premise behind Francis’ social media personas is to get people to laugh and “One Deeper Talks” is the perfect representation of his effortless ability to keep people doing just that. Well done DJ Hanzel, well done.

If you’re in the mood for a good laugh, you can watch the full series here or check out some of our favorites below.