Marshmello Announces Release Date For New Album, JOYTIME III

Marshmello Joytime III

Marshmello first announced his new album Joytime III on twitter back in December of 2018 and has kept most of the details of it a secret since then. Aside from a teaser on Twitter of a collaboration with TYNAN we haven’t heard any other cuts on the album until last week when he he dropped Rescue Me alongside A Day To Remember.

This past Monday, Marshmello hosted an event at YouTube Space LA to screen his forthcoming mini-documentary for a select group of people which is slated for a July 2nd release. He also took the time to announce his album is out the following day of the film and played the songs over the speakers at the event. Attendees were instructed to:

“strap on VR goggles and headphones for the opportunity to hear and see this forthcoming album. Inside the goggles each of the 13 Joytime III tracks (see the complete tracklist below), has its own virtual reality world, and each of these worlds makes you feel like you’re inside floating through a glittery, slightly hectic cartoon world in which Marshmello is the omniscient center of the universe.” – Katie Bain (Billboard)

We aren’t sure if the VR experience will be released everywhere in a package with the album or if it was a one-off experience at the event but we can only hope others will be able to experience it also!

Check out the Joytime III tracklist below:
Sad Songs
Angklung Life
Falling to Pieces
Let’s Get Down
Put Yo Hands Up
Rescue Me
Room to Fall
Run It Up
Here We Go Again
Set Me Free