Lane 8 Adorns Our Summer With New Mixtape

In Daniel ‘Lane 8’ Goldstein‘s seasonal tradition, we’ve received the Summer 2019 rendition of his mixtape series. This Never Happened‘s label head feels unstoppable with his never-ending releases.

Daniel’s mixes are often defined by the smooth-flowing musical journey on which he takes his audience. Even with the lengthy 3 hour and 40 minute play time, he maintained that expectation yet again. One listen will signify the amount of IDs scattered across the mix. It includes an array of tracks by Anderlohm, Kidnap, Jonas Rathsman, Adam Port, Yotto, Artbat, OCULA, Joris Voorn, and many more. Lane 8 decidedly opened with Anderlohm’s ‘Fractures‘, and ended the mix with what seems to be a collaboration between himself and Yotto.

As a whole, the mix begins and ends on whimsical notes and maintains precision throughout. It highlights Goldstein’s dedication to detail. After this experience, we can only look forward to the next version of his mix series which should arrive at fall.

Hearing the Summer mixtape should saturate your want for more of his work. Three of the four This Never Happened Summer Gatherings remain with dates in Los Angeles, Evergreen and Bay Area. If you would like to purchase tickets to attend, you can find them here.

Do yourself a favor and enjoy the mix shown below!

Lane 8 – Lane 8 Summer 2019 Mixtape