Last year, Diplo announced that Major Lazer would be putting out its final album this year, effectively ending the group. A few months later, they finally gave us a tease of this fourth and final album. Now, this week it was reported that Jillionaire will be leaving the group and venturing off into the dance music world solo.

Diplo has had quite a massive year. He has been working on what seems to be at least—if not more than—five projects. He is also producing the biggest Mad Decent festival to date. And of course, he is apart of the trio that is Major Lazer (which might now be a duo?).

Ape Drums was announced as the newest addition to the group. Rumors have swirled around that he was the replacement for Jillionaire. Diplo had this to say about the rumors:

“Jillionaire is always part of the team. Ape Drums is helping with production on some tracks (he’s done a few songs with us before) so he is going to tour with us as well…it’s like John Mayer joining the Grateful Dead.”

It is quite the confusing time for Major Lazer. But, at least we have a few things cleared up. As for the release date of the fourth album, that is still unknown. Knowing the past music they have produced, we’re sure we are all eager for its release.