Skrillex Defends Fan Who Stormed The Stage At Dog Blood Show

Skrillex Defends Fan Who Stormed The Stage At Dog Blood Show

Everyone loves when people try to run on stage, am I right?? No, I am not. It seems like every month a fan attempts to run on stage to greet their favorite DJ. And for the most part, it always ends in them being tackled. This past Sunday at Sunset Music Festival a fan once again attempted to storm the stage during Dog Blood’s set. It ended how you would assume, security holding the crazy man down.

It’s unclear what the man was trying to do, maybe take a selfie? This did not stop Skrillex from hopping on the mic to defend his fan. In the video, you can hear him telling security to take it easy.

“No no no no no, guys guys, please, please, just chill. Just calm a little bit. I think everyone’s cool. He’s a kid, just move him out calmly”

However, after a minute of resisting to leave Skrill’s attitude changed. Especially after the fan continually stated, “it’s not over, it’s not over,” when in fact the show was over. Skrillex seemed to have lost his patience. He told the man “The show is over, just go home, bro.”

Let this kid be a lesson to all, it never works out to jump the barrier. Skrillex showed two good sides, being able to calm security and also knowing when something is a lost cause.

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