Instagram Shows Growing Engagement Numbers Over Facebook

What’s the go-to app that you find yourself spending most of your time? Facebook and Instagram are probably the top two apps that users admit to using every day. Although Facebook was created about 6 years before Instagram, new research shows that more people are spending time on Instagram. Are you one of them?

According to a report from eMarketer, adults will be spending more time on Instagram this year than both Facebook and Snapchat. Unfortunately, Facebook is not expected to recover from their drop in users which became a hot topic last year. Younger adults (Teens), are reportedly more inclined to use Instagram than Facebook as well. It could simply be that younger audiences are attracted to the visual environment Instagram has created.

eMarketer found that the average daily amount of time adults spent on Facebook dropped by 3 min in 2018. New estimates show that users will now spend a generous 38 minutes per day on the app, 2 minutes lower than expected. On the other hand, Instagram has increased its usage time among users, reaching 27 min per day. eMarketer suspects that Facebook’s decline is in part, due to not staying up to date with engaging content like videos and stories.

If Facebook wants to stay relevant, it will need to focus on younger adults. If not, younger teens and adults will stick with other social media apps like Instagram or Twitter instead. In addition, Facebook must also work to clean up their neglected platform. From fake profiles to click-bait posts, the social media giant has plenty of room for improvement, going into the next decade.

Let us know what improvements you think Facebook should implement to stay relevant.