Fan Rushes Onto Stage During Alison Wonderland’s Set, Gets Decked By Security

Some words of advice: DON’T rush on stage during a set. Just don’t. A fan decided to run onstage during Alison Wonderland’s recent set in Australia. He was greeted wonderfully by a security guard, who absolutely decked him and kicked him right back off stage. God knows what he was trying to do – maybe take a selfie with the “Awake” producer? One thing we do know is that he didn’t get very far.

In the video, you can see the fan get all excited about jumping on stage. He claps his hands and smiles as if this was his greatest achievement. But the security guard has also been waiting for this moment. Finally, he gets to slam someone to the ground. Someone recording the incident fittingly captioned it with “Big fat no.”

The point of the story here: don’t rush on stage. It will most likely not end well and you will miss the rest of the set. And that would be the worst part, wouldn’t it?