NYC Nightclub Mogul To Open A 4,000 Capacity Venue In Coney Island

DEG presents Coney Island venue, Amuse, rendering
Courtesy of DEG Presents

The NYC nightclub scene is always hustling. Each club rushes to push out top talent, high-quality design, and events greater than their last. Eddie Dean, the owner of Williamsburg club Schimanski, has more than thirty years in the nightlife business. His entertainment group, DEG (formerly known as RPM Presents), is branching out by opening their new venue, AMUSE, this summer.

DEG has been successful in opening new venues these past few years. The Brooklyn Hangar, Bar Schimmi, and Schimanski have hosted some top-notch events these past few years. Now, they plan to extend their reach to Coney Island. AMUSE will be set at the newly restored Coney Island Art Walls, where they plan to open at the end later this month. The venue will equal a total of 50,000 square feet and hold a 4,000 person capacity. It will double as an event space and pop-up food court.

AMUSE plans to operate between Memorial Day and Labor Day, serving as the perfect summer getaway from the city, yet close enough to get to by train. Whether you’re visiting from afar or live in the tri-state area, this is definitely a spot to check out.

There’s even a video.