Tomorrowland Winter Signs 5-Year Agreement

Arguably the Mecca of all EDM festivals, Tomorrowland has made more than a name for itself. So much so, that 2019 brought the first edition of Tomorrowland Winter located in Alpe d’Huez, France. Despite risk of a rocky start in the initial days due to inclement weather, Tomorrowland Winter wrapped up with huge success and the fun will continue on for 5 more years.

However some changes are in the offing, as every year is a live and learn experience for planners of future seasons. Organizers will consider moving the actual festival to the weekend rather than Wed-Fri. They will also consider back to back weekends like in Belgium. Further planning for prophylactic and back-up measures may also be considered as severe snowstorm had forced over two-hundred people to be evacuated from the slopes just a day before the kickoff.

Regardless, after seeing the dozens of magical videos and photos this past week, there is no arguing that Tomorrowland Winter has lived up to the name. With most festivals held in sunshine and summer warmth, Tomorrowland Winter really sets things apart and is a destination festival to be reckoned with– bundle up folks, because there’s a new festival to save up for!