Tomorrowland Winter Evacuates 250 After Severe Snowstorm

Tomorrowland Winter is a vastly more complex operation than a normal festival, since there is an entire ski mountain to contend with. Mountains can be treacherous territory as Tomorrowland is learning today. Tomorrowland Winter encountered a hiccup today as 250 people had to be evacuated from a mountain after heavy snows closed the ski lifts.

There were about 4 mountaintop locations where festivalgoers remained even after the heavy snows shut down the ski lifts. Many of the people had taken ski lifts up but did not plan to ski down the mountain. So, they had to be brought down the mountain in 6 bobcats, and after the attendees were rescued the artists and Tomorrowland crew were brought down.

This has all just been the pre-party and Tomorrowland Winter officially kicks off tomorrow, when weather is expected to be better. The actual festival takes place in town with plenty of covered locations in case the weather acts up again. With that being said Tomorrowland Winter looks like an amazing festival so far and the livestream should kick off tomorrow as well.