DubVision & Syzz – Enlighten Me

As the weather gets warmer, more summer like music will be releasing. DubVision’s newest track sets the tone for these releases. DubVision and Syzz have been working together to produce a track for over a year and a half and finally they are ready to drop their newest track, ‘Enlighten Me‘.

DubVision, consisting of brothers, Victor and Stephan Leicher, have produced countless number 1 Beatport tracks throughout the years. Their latest track with Syzz offers similar potential. ‘Enlighten Me’ presents an uplifting beat throughout the track along with beautiful vocals to generate a major track.

When commenting on the track, the 2 acts stated the following:

“We’ve been working on a collab for about a year and a half. With ‘Enlighten Me’, we all had a great feeling from the start. The first demo was done quite quickly, after which we took our time to perfect the details. In the end, we managed to get a perfect combination of groove and melody that perfectly represents the sound of both DubVision and Syzz.”

Release on Armada records, you can check out DubVision and Syzz newest track called ‘Enlighten Me’ below now!