Swedish House Mafia’s “Greyhound” Turns 7 Years Old

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Swedish House Mafia fans are reminiscing on the past today as their track “Greyhound” turns 7 years old. Although fans have been anxiously waiting for the legendary trio to make another come back; Greyhound is an incredible throwback track to celebrate their upcoming shows this year.

The festival banger was made in 2012 and still has served its purpose 7 years later. The track was so big that Absolut Vodka couldn’t resist but to use it in a commercial advertisement. To celebrate the birthday of the massive track, we attached a couple of videos we watched today to honor the single below.

Be sure to be on the look out of what secret plans Swedish House Mafia has coming our way next. Hold on tight because soon enough they will be back to make a remarkable impact on dance music once again.