Radius Clause Lawsuit Against Coachella Dismissed by Federal Judge

Another legal win for a major music festival as Coachella survives a major lawsuit alleging its radius clause violated anti-trust laws. Founders of a music festival in Oregon, called Soul’d Out sued Goldenvoice, arguing that Coachella’s onerous restrictions violated anti-trust. However the Judge tossed the case, saying the Plaintiffs were not unlawfully damaged by the radius clause policy.

The lawsuit was filed after the Oregon festival owners tried booking acts and they were all prevented by the clause. Coachella’s attorneys argued the clause helped to preserve Coachella’s uniqueness and prevents others from free-riding on Coachella’s popularity. The Judge also stated that he plans to dismiss the same Plaintiffs’ claims of unlawful restraint of trade, unfair competition, and tortious interference. The Plaintiffs will have the opportunity to appeal, but it seems Coachella is safe from this lawsuit.